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cj_bridgeAbout Aluminum Butterfly:

Aluminum Butterfly began as a granddaughter’s way to cheer up a fiercely artistic woman who was diagnosed with cancer. My grandmother taught me everything I know about art and making her cards when she became ill seemed to bring a smile to her face. Those cards also earned the attention of friends, family, and hospital staff. It became apparent that there were quite a few people that still appreciated handmade paper crafts.

About Casey:

I’m an engineer, pilot, papercrafter, mother, and wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Though originally from California, I went to college in Colorado and then moved to Georgia to pursue my career. Over the years, my tiny hobby has developed into a business that I enjoy cultivating. For me, art has always been a preferred method of expression. I enjoy making cards for my grandmother and she continues to enjoy them (even though she’s beaten cancer). I’m passionate about paper and bringing the warmth of handmade goods to my customers and their loved ones. My crafts are my way of sharing the simple caring gestures of my family with yours.

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